We can help you accomplish your goals via a wide range of techniques.

We utilise our 25 years experience and apply it to a growing range of services, we can help you plan your campaign and provide the right service for you.


Lead Generation

As the number of customers prepared to self-serve falls in increasingly tough and competitive market places, the companies who proactively look to grow their database and to refine the opportunities that exist within their current portfolios will be the companies who get a head start on their competition. Lead generation is all about finding and defining opportunity.

The leads can be readily profiled and catergorised for contact by our clients themselves or through OgilvyPro using our technology and resources.

Outbound Sales

Using the very latest in outbound telephony technology, OgilvyPro create and run outbound sales campaigns designed with your particular needs in mind. Through consultation and creative design, OgilvyPro will build a campaign that can offer customer insight as well as tangible sales results. Script creation, brand messaging and choreographed campaign activity planning ensure the maximum optimization of outbound sales.

The sophisticated technology is supported by a very experienced and intelligent workforce.

Appointment Setting

As a company you’ve most likely got a great product/service and you just need to get in front of the right decision-makers to increase your business opportunities and subsequently generate new revenue for your company. However you don’t want to waste a valuable resource such as your own sales people.

OgilvyPro use a proven method of B2C and B2B lead generation and appointment setting to support your teams so that your sales resource can focus on giving their attention to their prospects.

Full Campaign Consultation

OgilvyPro offer a consultancy service designed to craft and deliver campaigns that will generate the best possible outcomes for your business. Whether working from inception right through to execution, or looking at ways to hone, refine and optimise existing campaign activity, OgilvyPro's consultancy will provide insightful and coherent advice that will deliver an excellent return on investment.

From understanding comes adaptation, taking these essential core elements and drawing upon historical campaigns and the latest innovations in campaign methodologies to provide advice and assistance that will deliver the best campaign possible.

Campaign Design & Creation

OgilvyPro are experienced in creating campaigns that succeed. Designing a clear working methodology that will deliver the key results you’re looking for, the campaign creation process is one of partnership and development to produce a winning campaign. OgilvyPro consultants will liaise with you to determine where you are starting from and where you are looking to get to. Working on these outcomes they will offer a range of campaign alternatives for you to consider, with a choice of technical and personnel solutions to match your budget and timeframes. The creative process always remains two-way, with input and feedback from clients absorbed and amalgamated into the campaign as it evolves.

Email Marketing

OgilvyPro use a range of different technological e-mail response systems to handle, queue, track and manage e-mail traffic. With queue management, urgent case prioritisation and client visibility of response metrics, OgilvyPro ensure that your e-mail is answered just the way you like it to be.

With a heavy emphasis on free-style writing, and the quality assurance systems to check and benchmark responses, OgilvyPro provide a very personal service. Responses are engaged and always focus on dealing with a specific issue rather than sending a ‘best fit’ template response or automated answer.