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Our Process

Our Technology


Our technology easily adapts efficiently to be tailored for each specific client and their requisite.
OgilvyPro utilise a fully integrated cutting-edge CRM system that provides effective database and list management, bespoke reporting, campaign creation and historical tracking of all customer interactions. Linked to SQL databases, all data management is via our software ‘Synthesys’ – provided to OgilvyPro by Noetica. OgilvyPro manage agent interaction, campaign creation, management information reporting, data importing and exporting and campaign team management via one wholly integrated system. The system can be manipulated to provide pertinent outcomes for each campaign, drawing on historical data and newly acquired information to make informed conclusions about customer behavior. Every interaction is captured, stored and can be reported on, to allow clients to gain an holistic oversight of campaign learning that informs and shapes all future interactions. The system allows for bespoke tailoring around data capture requirements, with modular elements that can be added with ease to all campaigns as and when they are required. This comprehensive package of CRM tools will provide detailed analytics that are campaign subjective in order to monitor performance and determine best practice for every individual campaign. CRM systems at OgilvyPro are integral to providing the very best in innovative service delivery, ensuring all interactions are captured, collated and optimised for the very best performance.


OgilvyPro have a state-of-the art dialer systems that help us provide efficient, effective and compliant telephone campaigns.
Having comprehensive and effective dialing technology will make the difference between success and failure. OgilvyPro's dialer is one element of a fully integrated suite of telephony solutions that works seamlessly with CRM and reporting tools to deliver the maximum number of contact interactions. The OgilvyPro dialer can function in numerous different operational modes, at its most efficient running countless algorithms to deliver predictive dialing that ensures a maximum customer contact rate whilst always remaining self-aware in relation to OfCom regulations around dialing. With script-aware analysis on an agent-by-agent basis, calling opportunities are maximized to drive the best possible successful contact rate. The dialer intuitively understands the calling patterns of each individual agent using it and can adjust its performance parameters in relation to those individual expectations. Integrated call recording and screen input capture allow for campaign analysis and quality assurance programmes to be run alongside active campaigns. Data can be sub-divided into an infinite number of dialing lists and each list can have its own automated operational hours and individual recycling rules. CLI display can also be specified and relevant weighting can be given to different data types to ensure even data penetration across sub-campaigns that make up a bigger campaign picture.


OgilvyPro offer a whole suite of versatile reporting solutions that offer clients the ability to track and monitor performance.
OgilvyPro's Synthesys CRM system comes complete with a fully integrated reporting suite of technology, which can analyse and assess every key aspect of your campaign, from individual operator statistics through to data trend analysis and customer behaviour patterns – the technology is supportive of all aspects of performance management and KPI delivery, ensuring that reporting is accessible, clear and easy to interpret. The system is compatible with the latest version of Crystal Reports – allowing bespoke management information to be created and automated to suit any campaign’s requirements. Live real-time dashboards that track performance are also readily accessible to clients off site, giving unprecedented transparency to real-time performance reporting. With the ability to automate all communications between client and systems, OgilvyPro are able to ensure both visibility and immediacy, allowing for continuous tracking and assessment. Data can be reported on via client determined media – with instant e-mail updates and MS Office integration ensuring that reporting is provided in a clear and easy-to-use medium. Intuitive CRM technology can analyse reported metrics and adjust parameters to optimize performance, delivering efficiencies and defining best operational practice for every campaign. The constant loop of reported feedback will shape and define campaign outcomes and drive successful and optimal results.


OgilvyPro have a continuously vigilant approach to all aspects of a campaign’s quality
Quality Assurance technology combines a range of hardware and software solutions to accurately record data using client-determined parameters. Ensuring a continuously vigilant approach to all aspects of a campaign’s quality – from key performance metrics and data optimisation through to campaign operator skills and knowledge, OgilvyPro systems are there to deliver quality campaigns through both automated and ad-hoc quality assurance protocols that determine best practice is always being delivered. The technology runs seamlessly in the background to campaign activity, ensuring client requested outcomes are given priority whilst delivering and ensuring a quality service in an unobtrusive and conspicuous manner. Using OgilvyPro's CRM system ‘Synthesys’; all campaign interactions can be assessed for quality assurance purposes. The system monitors data engagement, technology performance, human interactions and campaign outcomes to provide detailed analysis of all activity and ensure that the quality required is always achieved. In addition, OgilvyPro systems can ensure compliance in relation to relevant campaign regulations, meeting all the criteria determined by OfCom for telephony activities and upholding all the standards prescribed by the Data Protection Act of 1998. Quality Assurance and monitoring is driven by OgilvyPro's ‘100% compliance’ philosophy and systems are rigorously stress-tested to guarantee that quality is always assured, maintained and delivered in accordance with all campaign targets and priorities.

OgilvyPro is run and completely staffed by actors. We are always looking for creative talent to join our team. If you are looking for somewhere flexible to work with like-minded people that is designed to help advance your acting career then we are perfect for you.